Soccer Injuries

Nail art has become a visual expression of personal style. Each month, Google gets 2.5 million searches for “nail art.” Nail artists have emerged with salon Well, let’s talk about soccer injuries, as both high school and pro soccer are underway. Soccer is the most popular sport in the world. In the US, soccer is the second most popular sport among 14-24 year olds. Around the world, there are 200,000 pro athletes and over 240 million amateur players. In the 2010 FIFA World Cup, 719 million people watched.

Most soccer injuries occur to the lower extremities, with the knee and ankle being the most common. Soccer is one of the most common sports for sustaining injuries. 68% of men who play soccer will be injured. Elite players are injured 3X more during competition versus training.

As parents and as players, the injury we all worry about are head injuries causing concussions. We all hear about it all too frequently in football players. Mild traumatic brain injuries are parts of concussions. Contact with another player, the ground, or even the goal post can cause concussions.

Lower extremity injuries make up 60-85% of all injuries in soccer. These are in order of occurrence: thigh, knee, and ankle. The knee is the most common joint injured. Anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) requires extended recovery in both male and female players. This is a more common injury in women.

Ankle injuries are next. Younger players, players with an increased BMI, and a history of ankle instability will probably have ankle sprains as soccer players. Achilles tendinopathy is the next most common. Stress fractures also occur. Look for pain in the tibia and secondly in the metatarsals of the feet. There are other foot injuries which are quite complex. Just know that if you or your child complain of any pain, it should be evaluated. Injuries will prevent an athlete from returning to the game, and we all know that athletes do not have a lot of patients to wait and heal.

We want to get our athletes out there with a speedy recovery!

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you or someone you know has sustained a sports-related injury!

Posted on November 5, 2014

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