Back to School

Well, it’s that time again, boys and girls! You know…our kids don’t want to go back to school and the parents are thinking, “Finally, back to school.”

When our children return to school, whether it is elementary, middle, high school, or university, our kids are involved in all kinds of activities and sports. I think of my own girls who are involved in soccer, gym, swimming, marching band, running…this list could go on. When you put your own children into their different activities, the chance of injury, accident, or just boo boos for the little ones is very possible. Our kids can injure their feet in sports, gym class, after school activities, or just staying in shape in college. Possible injuries might include ankle sprains, fractures of toes or foot bones, heel pain and leg pain. Other shoe related problems could be ingrown nails, nail hematomas, blisters, even bunion pain. Parents, ask your kids each day if they hurt themselves anywhere, or if their feet hurt. Consider seeing a podiatrist if any of the above mentioned things have happened. Our children may need orthotics or to have their feet checked before starting sports. Moms, remember teenage boys won’t tell you they have a problem until it’s bad, so make them show you their feet. So, have a great year, and “Let’s be safe out there.”

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Posted on September 10, 2014

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